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Five main points. If you can do all five of these, you're going to have a great career. Before you can strengthen your career with these concepts to follow, though, there’s something that you need first: talent. You don’t have to be born with talent, but you do have to work hard at developing it. 

#1 - Have a Career Compass.
A lot of people when asked, will say that they have an idea of what their goal is. Maybe they want to work on a game or a movie, but they don’t have it narrowed down any further than that. Be very specific about your goals. What kind of movie do you want to work on? What kind of game? Get into the details. Once you have enough details, then you can use that goal as your ‘career compass’. Whatever moves you make, make sure that you think about your compass, and think if your next move is going to take you closer to your goal. My goal was to work on a Tim Burton movie so every job and painting I did was not based on how much it paid but instead on whether or not it was complementary to something I could see Tim Burton doing in one of his films.

The choices won’t always be crystal clear, but sometimes they are. If you get asked to work on an independent movie, and that’s your goal, then that’s super clear. But it won’t always play out like that. Just make sure that every move you make brings you closer to your goal, and aligns with your compass.

Look out for instances where you get offered a job that is simple but doesn't align with your goals. Some people will think “It won’t take long, so I’ll do it.” Those jobs are the worst! If you don't desperately need the money, don't take it. Those jobs won’t bring you towards your goal, they are merely a sidestep or even a step backwards because the time you waste on projects that don’t align with your career compass is time you could have spent on improving your art or learning something useful to get you closer to your goal.

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Drawing Exercises: Arrow Technique (advanced). It not only helps overall visualizing abilities but it's a great one for improving your sense of design.
As always, consistency is the key. I recommend doing one of these drawing exercises every morning to see maximum results. 


Drawing Exercises: Arrow Technique. It not only helps overall visualizing abilities but it's a great one for improving your sense of design.

As always, consistency is the key. I recommend doing one of these drawing exercises every morning to see maximum results.

Just uploaded the new drawing exercise from Chiustream. This drawing exercise helps with drawing a man's head 3/4 view and overall visualizing abilities. 

Drawing exercises. Topic: 3/4 view of a woman's head. 
new #chiustream now on YouTube. A drawing exercise to increase your ability to visualize. 


Bobby Chiu & Kei Acedera
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
Hi everyone! Our names are Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera from Imaginism Studios. We are illustrators that specialize in character based illustrations/designs for film, television, books... etc.

To find out more visit IMAGINISMSTUDIOS.COM

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Keep up the amazing work! I love how much depth and life your drawings have~
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I love your imagination it is so creative, great and passionate. Also your work is crisp, clean, and detailed it is an absolute delight to view. Keep up the hard work and good job. 
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That Gallery is unbeleavable Creative... That's REAL ART. Absolutely Amazing
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So delightfully strange.
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Amazing gallery! OMG So beautiful! I love deviantART! 
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You are a fantastic Artist!!! I really like your gallery :)
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You are the best.
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Your artwork is fresh and exciting. Thank you!
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i am absolutely in LOVE with all of your art!
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