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New Video by Schoolism's Kris Pearn. Making the audience feel: Creating tone with your storyboards. I loved it! #schoolismtips

Do you ever feel like you’re too old to get into an artistic career? Like you have no time because of life’s ever gathering responsibilities? It’s never too late to get into art, but there are certain steps and changes to make in life that will help you on your journey. In this video, I talk about how we can make the effort to continue learning about, practicing, and perfecting our artistic craft in order to achieve a level that we’ve always wanted. Take the time to rise a bit earlier every day, never lower our goals, and start now by watching this motivational call to action!
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In this video I'll show you how to build my favorite custom brush in photoshop. *ALSO, Schoolism ( ) Summer Sale ends on July 19th. Save $60 on annual subscriptions for $120 (reg. $180)

New Chiu`s my own Adventure Vlog uploaded to my Youtube.

As a young artist, I used to just sit there thinking "if only someone could tell me what steps I need to do to be a successful artist, I do it." 
In this video I talk about what are the 7 most important things that have contributed to a great art career for me... so far

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It's all about the VALUES! Watch as Tonko House artist and co-founder Robert Kondo (The Dam Keeper, Ratatouille, Monsters University) offers critique on student work in a Schoolism feedback video, and demonstrates his process and reasoning with a paintover. Robert focuses on adjusting value in terms of grouping the light and shadow, and looking at exposure.
Schoolism instructor Alex Woo walks you through how to draw and interpret an image from the 2016 NBA Western Conference Finals Game 7. Alex Woo has storyboarded on such films as Ratatouille, Wall-E, Finding Dory and more. He is only a handful of people that have taught Gesture Drawing at Pixar Animation Studios. Check out more on Alex Woo's full class at…

Imagine everyday you can wake up feeling the most motivated and productive you ever have. In this video, I (Bobby) talk about what keeps me going at a high level of motivation for over the past decade.

How to Learn to Draw. Some learn faster than others but why? I (Bobby) go through 5 important tips about how I learned to draw.

April 2016 Chiu's My Own Adventures takes us to Paris. Kei (Acedera) and I (Bobby Chiu) will be staying in Paris until end of May to create our paintings for Alice Through the Looking Glass gallery show at the famous Arludik Gallery. Both Kei and I are character designers for Disney's Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

This is a VLOG of my adventures through art and education. If you like it, let me know! I'll try to do more in the future. ----------- Me and my favorite artists teach on

Special Thanks to:
Bruno Gore aka NOXIZMAD
Kei Acedera

Our show "Niko and the Sword of Light" just won the Emmy for "OUTSTANDING CHILDREN'S ANIMATED PROGRAM." I'm (Bobby Chiu) one of the Creators and Executive Producers so I wanted to make this video about the most important things that helped us go from just an idea to a tv show.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in "Niko and the Sword of Light." Everyone from Amazon (especially Melissa Wolfe) and Titmouse.

A huge thank you to the other Schoolism instructors. I teach there but I also learn from the other instructors there. Without their knowledge, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that has supported and continue to support me and what I do!


As usual, me and my friends teach at
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For any artists that ever go through self doubt, I made this video.Artist self doubt is something that the majority of artists go through at many points throughout our lives. It's important that artists keep it under control. In this video, I, Bobby Chiu share my philosophies and tips about overcoming artist self doubt.

As usual, me and my friends teach at
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After 10 years of interviewing tons of great artists, here are the key traits that are common with all of them.
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March 2016 Chiu's My Own Adventures took us to Schoolism Live Art Workshop in Florence. Kei (Acedera) and I (Bobby Chiu) were very honored to have our friends Ryan Lang and Helen Ming Jue Chen to join us. Both Helen and Ryan are incredible artists having worked on such films as Wreck-it-Ralph, Big Hero 6, Marvel's Dr.Strange and many many many more.

This is a VLOG of my adventures through art and education. If you like it, let me know! I'll try to do more in the future. ----------- Me and my favorite artists teach on

Special Thanks to:
Ryan Lang…
Helen Mingjue Chen
Kei Acedera
Mika Madden
our friends at Nemo Academy
and our wonderful sponsors that help to make the Florence workshop possible:
Art Station
‪#‎ChiuStream‬ with Thierry Lafontaine & Bobby Chiu

When: 10am-11am ET.


From Bobby Chiu's Youtube channel
Today's stream will be guest starring character designer Stephen Silver. 
When: Dec 30, 2015. 10-11am ET
ChiuStream is a live broadcast where I paint and draw as I answers questions from the audience.
I'm giving the MP3 of my audiobook "The Perfect Bait​" for free until Jan 31. Help me share some good vibes?…
Thank you to everyone that helped make this book a hit. It's been sold out / out of print for a while now so I'd like to send it out into the world for free. I'm not looking for email sign ups or any strings attached. It's just a free mp3 download from my googledrive but please share it with your fellow artists if you like it. Happy holidays everyone! Sending positive vibes to everyone.
Huge thank you to all those that helped me and/or advised me over the years and your contribution to this book years ago: Kei Acedera​, Stephen Silver​, Everett Downing​, Aaron Hartline​, Chris Sanders​, Peter de Sève​, Dice Tsutsumi​, Dylan Cole, J Scott Campbell​, Kris Pearn​, Lynn Johnston, Michael Kutsche​, Mike Mignola​, Jason Seiler​ and Marcelo Vignali​

Best wishes,
ChiuStream happening now! Livebroadcast with fine artist Jon Hardesty & I…