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On livestream today at 10am ET / 7am PT…
Hold on to your hats... Schoolism Workshops are coming to Montreal & San Francisco.

MONTREAL - Sept 20-21, 2014
Creating Worlds with Robert Kondo (Art Director for Toy Story 3, Ratatouille, Monsters University)
Designing with Color & Light with Nathan Fowkes (How to Train Your Dragon, The Legend of Puss in Boots, Prince of Egypt)
Color Scripts with Dice Tsutsumi (Toy Story 3, Ice Age, Horton Hears a Who, Monsters University)
Environment Design with Nathan Fowkes (How to Train Your Dragon, The Legend of Puss in Boots, Prince of Egypt)

SAN FRANCISCO - Oct 6, 2014 (Tickets go on sale Tuesday August 19, 2014)
Creating Worlds with Robert Kondo (Art Director for Toy Story 3, Ratatouille, Monsters University)
Color Scripts with Dice Tsutsumi (Toy Story 3, Ice Age, Horton Hears a Who, Monsters University)
Characters for Animated Film with Daniel Arriaga (Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up, Monsters University, Wreck-It Ralph, Toy Story 3)
The Art of Story with Brenda Chapman (Brave, Prince of Egypt, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast)

Workshops coming soon...
London - Oct 11-12, 2014
Berlin - Oct 18-19, 2014
Florianopolis - Nov 8-9, 2014
Florence - Dec 16, 2014

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Did we miss any cities? Where else would you like to see us do a workshop in the future!
Imaginism's Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera will be at San Diego Comicon 2014!
You can find us at...

Imaginism Booth - Table G6 (end of aisle 800)

Schoolism Booth - 2042

*this year we will have
-some originals,
-Bobby's comicon exclusive sketchbook "Creature Mix and Match",
-Pieces of Wonderland artbook, 
-Art of Niko artbook
-iPhone cases
GOOOAAALS! The World Cup is the perfect time to talk about goals.

Setting good goals is useful to not just artists but anyone who wants to achieve something.

When I graduated college and started my career, my goals were unfocused. Basically, I just wanted to get a job doing what I love, which in my case is of course drawing and painting. That was my whole goal. I didn't aim for anything more than that, and as a result, my career went nowhere.

Then, after reflecting on my career and examining the careers of people I admired (again, not just artists), I developed a master plan for my success that basically boiled down to four things:

1. Recognize the importance of setting goals.

Let's say you have the extraordinary ability to kick a ball farther and more accurately than anyone you know. As a result, you want to become a soccer player. But then when you're on the soccer pitch and the ball comes to you, you just kick it as hard as you can in whatever direction you're facing. Just being on a pitch and kicking a ball doesn't make you a soccer player; at this stage, you are just someone who can kick a ball.

To be a proper player, you have to know the rules and of course, recognize which goal you're kicking at. Only then will your natural kicking ability be applied towards becoming a successful soccer player.

This brings us to:

2. Target specific goals.

In life, there is usually some "goalkeeper" (such as lack of education, experience, exposure, etc.) that obstructs your progress to your goal. To succeed, therefore, you have to overcome the keeper.

If your goal is very broad, you won't have a focused target to aim for; it isn't enough to just kick the ball in the general direction of the goal and hope for a lucky bounce. Don't put your life in the hands of chance and luck.

In my case, instead of peppering the keeper with shot after shot, I examined my goal (to become a professional artist) and aimed intently at a focused point like the upper corner of the net (to become a professional concept artist for movies).

Kick after kick, I attacked my specific goal. Sometimes the keeper got to them and kept them out, but slowly I started scoring more and more often until eventually the goalkeeper realized that it was futile to try to stop me and left the pitch.

3. Loose route, firm objective.

From one end of the field to the other, you might know where you're headed, but there are defenders in the way. To get around them, you and your teammates have to run plays to set up your scoring chances. But what if an astute defender disrupts your play? You can't stop the game in order to come up with a new play, so instead you improvise until you can come up with something else.

We have many ways to get to our goals. Making a specific plan is an excellent start but it's vital to remain flexible enough that you can alter your original plan to go around or overcome new, unexpected obstacles.

Dwight D. Eisenhower said, "plans are useless but planning is indispensible." Plans are rigid, but planning is loose and flexible. Grow your habit for planning—your ability to think ahead and lay out the steps in your play, and if you're impeded, devise a new route or play to the goal, all without stopping.

4. Aim high.

I don't have a soccer metaphor for this one, haha. But I don't think aiming high really needs one, does it?

As far as rules go, it's pretty straightforward: go for the highest level job you feel you can reasonably do, based on your talent, skills, and experience. If you don't get it, go for the second highest, and so on. The traditional convention of "climbing the ladder" is inefficient because, not only is it a waste of your time toiling away at a job that you're overqualified for, your company is also robbed of the true value of your services for that whole time.

When I wanted to be a professional artist, people told me that an artist's life is too hard and I wouldn't be able to do it and support myself.

But I set a specific goal, made a plan, and became an artist anyway, and things have worked out.

When I wanted to start my own studio, people said I lacked experience as an artist and as an entrepreneur and I was doomed to fail.

But I set a specific goal, made a plan, and started my own studio anyway and things have worked out.

When I wanted to work on Hollywood movies from my studio in Toronto, people said no one would let me work remotely, that's just not how things are done.

But I set a specific goal, made a plan, and wound up on feature films anyway. Clearly, there were others who felt that the way things are done isn't always the way they should be done forever and ever.

So, keep learning and making yourself really good at whatever it is that you do, whether that's art, music, computer programming, or whatever.

Humanity has thrived because of our ability to recognize and elevate amazing individuals for the benefit of the group, so keep getting better and inevitably, the world will have no choice but to notice.

Good vibes to you all!


For art education -->
Kei and Bobby will be at S.T.A.R.T. in Singapore on June 26-28. Bobby will be doing a workshop there.

Hope to see you there!
May 15 Broadcasting LIVE TODAY at 10am ET / 7AM PT. Come join the group and draw together as we talk about art and being an artist.
Drawing LIVE at 10am ET/7am PT on… 
I'm very excited to say that my class "Painting Creatures with Bobby Chiu" is now open for registration!…
I'm (Bobby) giving away a drawing that I'm doing during a live broadcast on Livestream!
I'll also be answering your questions about art and the business of being a concept artist for films and other things.

For more info or questions please click on the link -->…

This is happening every Thursdays 7am PT/ 10am ET

Sending positive vibes to you all!
Schoolism Spring Sale has started! $100 off all Self-Taught classes. Only 2 sales a year... this is one of them. Have a wonderful Monday!
Schoolism is hosting a party and everyone is invited!! 

Come hangout and meet fellow artists such as 
Paul Lasaine, Marcelo Vignali, Nathan Fowkes, Bobby Chiu & Kei Acedera

Signing from 8-10pm and venue closes at 3am.

First 150 people will get a free drink and exclusive prints that you can get signed! Admission $10.

More info -->…
Broadcasting LIVE TODAY at 10am ET / 7AM PT March 20. Come join the group and draw together as we talk about art and being an artist.

Here's the link to the stream…

Click link to my FB fanpage & post your questions there if you have any.
Bobby Chiu will be broadcasting LIVE every Thursday 10am ET / 7am PT from his Livestream channel…

Join him as he draws live, answers questions from the audience and shares the tips that helped him with his career.
At the end of the broadcast, Bobby will pick a random person to give his drawing to anywhere in the world.

Hope to see you there!
Schoolism Team
We'll be posting even more pics on Instagram!! You can find us at...

Bobby Chiu's Instagram username: digitalbobert 

Kei Acedera's Instagram username: kei_acedera 

Schoolism LIVE Workshops are coming to Florence, Italy on March 13, 2014! 

Creature Design with Terryl Whitlatch (Star Wars, Brave, Jumanji... etc) 

Designing with Light and Color with Nathan Fowkes (How to Train Your Dragon, Prince of Egypt, Puss in Boots... etc)

Click on the image for more info!

Hi all,

Hope you can give a warm welcome to our friends :iconecala: Victoria Ying and Mike Yamada back to DA. They've just re-activated their account. These wonderful Disney artists are definitely worth a follow

Schoolism Workshops are coming to Vancouver! Click on the image for more info!

I thought a good way we could end off 2013 and start the new year is with a short video about goals. 
Sending positive vibes to you all! 

Schoolism Workshops are coming to Vancouver! Click on the image for more info!

Artist Workout. Just like athletes need to exercise their bodies, artists need to exercise their brains to stay 'Artistically Fit'. This group is to encourage you to maintain good art habits! I'm going to do the same so come workout with me!

How it works: Study and sketch things you want to improve on. Try to do one everyday. Better yet, do one in the morning and one at night! Let's see if you can stay dedicated to the Artist Workout!